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What Is The Average Price Of Skip Hire In Hampshire?

If you're looking for skip hire in Hampshire, you may be wondering what the average price is. At Skip Hire Hampshire, we offer competitive pricing for all types of skip sizes to help you get rid of your waste quickly and easily. We understand that the cost of skip hire can be a concern for many people, so we've put together this guide to help you understand the factors that affect skip hire prices in Hampshire.

Skip Hire Hampshire: Your Reliable Partner In Waste Disposal

Skip Hire Hampshire is a skip hire company in Hampshire that offers affordable and efficient services to customers in Hampshire, South East England, and other parts of England. We specialize in providing skips of different sizes to help you dispose of your waste quickly and easily. Whether you're a homeowner, a tradesperson, or a business owner, we have the expertise and equipment to cater to your waste disposal needs. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering the highest level of service to all our customers.

Skip Hire And Waste Disposal

Skip hire is a convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of large amounts of waste. It is an essential service for homeowners and businesses alike, especially when dealing with large building projects or major renovations. A skip is a large, open-topped container designed for loading and transporting waste. It is typically made of metal or plastic and comes in various sizes.

The size of the skip you need depends on the amount of waste you have. Skips come in different sizes ranging from small 2-yard skips to large 40-yard skips. Small skips are suitable for small renovations and household clean-ups, while large skips are ideal for commercial projects and large building sites.

Skip Hire Sizes

At Skip Hire Hampshire, we offer a wide range of skip sizes to suit your needs. Our skips range from 2-yards to 40-yards, depending on the volume of waste you need to dispose of. Here is an overview of our skip sizes and their capacity:

  • 2-yard skip: 25-35 black bags
  • 4-yard skip: 45-55 black bags
  • 6-yard skip: 65-75 black bags
  • 8-yard skip: 85-95 black bags
  • 10-yard skip: 110-130 black bags
  • 12-yard skip: 135-155 black bags
  • 14-yard skip: 160-180 black bags
  • 16-yard skip: 185-205 black bags
  • 20-yard skip: 225-245 black bags
  • 25-yard skip: 280-300 black bags
  • 30-yard skip: 330-350 black bags
  • 40-yard skip: 440-460 black bags

If you're not sure what size of skip you need, contact us for advice. Our team of professionals will help you choose the most appropriate skip size for your needs.

What Affects Skip Hire Prices In Hampshire?

The cost of skip hire in Hampshire depends on several factors, including:

Size of Skip

The size of the skip you choose affects the price you pay. Larger skips cost more than smaller skips, as they can accommodate more waste.

Type of Waste

The type of waste you want to dispose of affects the skip hire price. Some types of waste, such as hazardous waste, require special disposal methods that increase the cost of skip hire.

Duration Of Hire

The duration of hire affects the price you pay. Longer rental periods attract higher rates than shorter rental periods.

Delivery And Collection

Delivery and collection fees may apply depending on your location. The cost of delivery and collection may vary depending on the distance from our depot.


The location where the skip will be used affects the price. If your location is hard to access, additional fees may apply. It's always best to check with the skip hire company about any potential additional costs.

Skip Hire Prices In Hampshire

At Skip Hire Hampshire, we offer competitive prices for all types of skips. Our prices vary depending on the size of the skip, the duration of hire, the type of waste, and your location. Here is a breakdown of our skip hire prices in Hampshire:

  • 2-yard skip: 130 to 160
  • 4-yard skip: 160 to 190
  • 6-yard skip: 200 to 230
  • 8-yard skip: 240 to 270
  • 10-yard skip: 280 to 310
  • 12-yard skip: 330 to 360
  • 14-yard skip: 380 to 410
  • 16-yard skip: 430 to 460
  • 20-yard skip: 510 to 540
  • 25-yard skip: 580 to 610
  • 30-yard skip: 680 to 710
  • 40-yard skip: 875 to 905

Please note that these prices are subject to change depending on the factors mentioned earlier. For a more accurate quote, contact us using the details below.

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